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Plastics of the same type have the highest level of connection stability after laser welding. If the plastic contains a high proportion of glass fibers, this may result in somewhat brittle welding connections. It is therefore recommended that a glass fiber content of 40% is not exceeded. A laser-transparent material with glass fiber should not be thicker than 2 mm.

1000W, 1500W, and 2000W power options available to meet various demands for welding depth and work efficiency. A fully sealed laser chamber ensure the optics longer life and more stable performance overall. The adjustable laser arm allows flawless welding from small to larger sized 3D sign channel letters. Laser welding has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the microelectronics industry. According to the U.S. metal market statistics, by the end of 2002, the consumption of laser-welded steel structures will reach 70,000 tons, a threefold increase from 1998.

In comparison, the Neutec® PulsePoint™ Plus 140 packs a power output of 140 joules, which will allow you to work on even the hardest materials. AMADA WELD TECH is unique in that we not only manufacture the laser welders but also engineer and integrate laser systems, offering designers a one-stop shop for laser processing systems. This includes running samples of the process in-house to ensure it does the entire job as specified, and answering in-depth application questions. Learn the basics of laser welding and how manufacturers are using fiber lasers to solve common welding challenges. This webinar is ideal for those new to laser welding as well as anyone looking for a refresher course. For now, the fiber handheld laser welder is the advanced technology which is the best type for welding aluminum, it’s supper fast and eco-friendly but easy to operate.

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Create complete, virtually invisible welds for any-shaped plastic part, with no use of solvents or adhesives. Product in your cart may not be available in the selected country and will be removed from your cart if you choose the “SELECT” button below. Please contact us if you need assistance purchasing this product in another country. @ The new integrated structural design not only saves installation space for customers but also greatly enhances the anti-interference ability of the laser head. The introduction of a new optical cavity self-cleaning system has greatly improved the service life of the laser.

Cooperation, exchange of experience through intensive dialog, technical information and further training are in the focus. Handheld welding head is equipped with 1000 watt fiber laser, flexible, enabling outdoor welding. Go to Alpha Laser for more information on pulsed laser welding equipment and to Phoenix Laser Solutions for more on laser welding repair services. This combination of portability, power and precision makes laser welding a good choice for almost any circumstance.

In high power laser welding, the ejected material is very powerful, when the protection of the lens is more necessary. The pulse width is determined by the melt depth and heat-affected zone, the longer the pulse width the larger the heat-affected zone, and the melt depth increases with the 1/2 power of the pulse width. Using arc to enhance the laser action, a low power laser can be used instead of a high power laser to weld metal materials. However, the low power density of the semiconductor laser irradiating to the material surface makes it more suitable for thin plate welding and electronic component welding, etc. when performing laser welding.

The surface of weldments protected with argon is smoother than when protected with helium. Firstly, the resistivity of the material, which was found to be proportional to the square root of the resistivity coefficient, which in turn varies with temperature, after measuring the absorbance of the polished surface of the material. The simplest real measurement method is the isothermal profile method, which is to measure the focal spot and perforation diameter after burning and penetrating a polypropylene plate with thick paper. Another important aspect of the high flexibility of the scanning lens is the versatility of the weld shape. The distance between the laser head and the workpiece is more than 500mm, which can extend the service life of the lens protection glass. Laser brazing system mainly consists of laser generator and cooling system, laser brazing head, wire feeding mechanism, robot, fixture, dust removal system, control system, etc.

It adopts optical fiber transmission, can realize remote welding, conveniently to equip with automatic welding workbench, manipulator, assembly line and other equipment together to work. More uniform light spot and more beautiful solder joints after the light transmission. A benefit for both the repair shop and its customers, pulsed laser welding is more precise so that the repair process is shortened, due to limiting the damage to surrounding areas of the weld.

Laser welding requires high workpiece assembly accuracy due to the small laser-focused spot size and narrow weld seam. The price of the laser and the accessories of the welding system is more expensive, so the initial investment and maintenance costs are higher than the traditional welding process, and the economic efficiency is poor. The welding process does not require electrodes or filler wire, and the melt zone is less contaminated, making the weld strength and toughness at least equal to or even exceed that of the parent metal.

The laser welding of your components is reliable thanks to our patented technologies. LightWELD comes standard with wobble welding that provides up to 5 mm of additional weld width, increasing capability while providing highly aesthetic seams. High value components, critical to the functionality of complex power generating systems, are preferably welded with an electron beam.