Drone Inspections

“The aircraft when flying doesn’t care about shipboard motion,” noted Pawelczyk. The UMAR could also extend the operating range of surface unmanned autonomous vessels and might also be used by cargo ships operating off places such as India and Taiwan to detect potential pirates. When more than a visual inspection of hull fouling is needed a SeaDrone UT Probe is available that uses ultrasonic measurements to determine the thickness of the hull’s coating or corrosion. The SeaDrone Inspector 3 has auto depth and auto heading sensors and the camera has an auto pitch sensor. The new SeaDrone Pro, scheduled to be introduced in November, will have a stationkeeping sensor that keeps it in a set position, or you can “hit go and the robot will go automatically to a waypoint,” said Moreno.

The operators who let their drones into the red zone without permission will need to pay a fine of 1000 RMB. All drones over 250 grams must be registered with the CAAC using the operators’ real names. In May 2019, an amazing drone light show in Tianjin, China stunned the world. The show was consisted of 500 drones and was staged for the opening of the World Intelligence Conference.

It is committed to building a “visual intelligence acceleration platform” based on vision chips, deep learning, and big data technologies. Intellifusion aims to serve companies in unmanned systems, robotics and other industries through providing visual intelligence application solutions and development platforms. The drone industry in China is vibrant, full of challenges, and full of opportunities.

We have laid out our approach to your private data in an unambiguousprivacy policy found here. Quite simply, we promise to treat your private information the way we treat our own. The ground station bundled with this drone is outstanding and with its large seven inches integrated screen displaying real-time footage, you really won’t need an external screen. The Vantage Robotics Snap has been designed with safety features that enable easy approval for flying above people. A breakthrough prosumer drone packed with advanced AI allowing it to follow sports or other action quite closely from above. The Freefly ALTA 8 is a multi-rotor drone built for demanding customers who want to carry heavy cinema payloads.

Aerial thermal data can help firefighters determine where to focus their efforts during an active fire, or help inspectors identify potential problem areas in a solar array. By flying over an area or object of interest, a drone can be used to help see things that might not be otherwise visible, and collect a record of what is seen. In this Government Technology Q&A, Amazon Web Services Account Manager Loc Ta discusses how Los Angeles County handled the disruptions of the pandemic and how the lessons learned from the crisis will affect service delivery in the years to come.

DARPA, the technology department of the US Department of Defense, commissioned an espionage drone that looks like a hummingbird, so it is not only tiny, but also perfectly camouflaged. of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms to meet almost every requirement. There are multiple benefits of purchasing through Unmanned Aerial Specialists. High among these is the close relationships we maintain with our manufacturers.

Our company designs and develops autonomous technology for any vehicle that flies, drives, dives, or swims. Digital Aerolus has developed breakthrough flight software, enabling users to navigate our drones in confined spaces and areas without GPS. The Aertos line of drones is designed and built in the U.S. using unparalleled technology by engineers with backgrounds in aviation, AI, avionics, and other advanced technologies. Digital Aerolus drones have no issues flying over water or near metal — which is an issue for many commercial drones. If you’re a marketing professional looking to produce content fit for the big screen, this is your best bet. A modular payload and cinematic flight modes allow unmatched versatility in getting the right shot.

We want to see your company succeed in this growing industry and reap the rewards of unmanned technology. Aertos inspection drones use AI technologies not found in other industrial drones. That’s because Digital Aerolus is more than a drone company; we’re an autonomous technology company with many patents covering our inventions. This year Caterpillar, one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers, invested in drone startup Airware.

Not only is it capable of running two cameras, but it also has a dual IMU’s, Barometers, and a dual self-heating battery system. There are simply too many features to list them all, but this drone will handle anything thrown its way. The multirotors we’ve chosen were manufactured by some of the best, most reliable drone brands, they have excellent online support , and they provide the quality you need to do your best work. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a popular model for professional drone photographers and videographers, as well as for prosumers . Its foldable design makes it highly portable, and it has a high quality camera from Swedish manufacturer Hasselblad. That the drone pilot follow certain guidelines while operating their drone, such as keeping it within the operator’s visual line of sight or not flying over crowds.


Based on the information gathered during the reconnaissance flight, further flights are planned to more deeply inspect defined points of interest through the capture of close up images with the HD & thermal imagery cameras. Bringing the drone back to the operators after each segment of the inspection allows for reviewing the images in details and to refine or integrate the inspection plan on-the-go based on actual data gathered. Industrial Access is dedicated to providing the most accurate and efficient inspection services for smokestacks and industrial chimneys. In order to keep up with ever-improving technology, we have added the ELIOS drone to our arsenal of cutting-edge tools. The primary research involved interviews with several stakeholders such as suppliers of standard components of LiDAR drones and original equipment manufacturers . The demand side of this market was characterized by corridor mapping, archeology, construction, environment, entertainment, precision agriculture, and other applications.