AC servo numerical control electrical fly press

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press screw press price of the current invention, no bottom dead centre needn’t be adjusted mildew peak; Forge that precision is high, power is huge, can vexed car beneath the load, can realize closed die forging; Can notice the repeatedly strike under the completely different-vitality to same forging; The contact mould time is short, and die life is long, and hitting power is steady.

Observe: the 25000T electric screw press equipment mould base restructuring, and the configuration of 1600 roll forging machine, blade clean making by forming roll forging process, can produce 57 to seventy two inches massive blade (weight about 450Kg).

A compact design and a rise in operational reliability are achieved if, every axial piston motor or each pair of axial piston motors which is associated with a pinion and the related reversible pump are disposed in a closed circuit which also accommodates the control means for feed stress and a number of-stage strain controllable in a single stage as braking pressure and which is linked to a refill pump.

Because electrical screw press can correct management hanging vitality, there is no such thing as a extra vitality released in the mold, that is why electrical press can increases die life. However you could have to behave quick as this high electrical screw press is ready to become probably the most sought-after finest-sellers in no time.

Because the electric motors are twice accelerated from relaxation to the required rotational pace and braked again throughout each working cycle, correspondingly excessive present heat losses are unavoidable and in addition the idle power absorbed by the motor is disadvantageous.

As a way to supply the oil-hydraulic motors, an oil station is required which includes an electrical motor, oil pump, high-pressure accumulator and management units in addition to units for filtering and cooling the oil, and which in addition to the press is disposed on the office floor, in a basement or on a scaffold and is connected to the oil-hydraulic motors by means of versatile excessive-stress ducts which compensate for the actions of the press.

Our electrical screw press adopts gear drive mode, options of this drive mode are: adopts special motor, high RPM, less torque, completely different tonnage press with different power particular motor, simple to replace when motor breaks down, easy & easy upkeep, motor performance shouldn’t be affected when screw information bushing is worn out., effectivity of electrical screw press improved a lot with steady improvements & improvements in many years, this progressively established our main position in electrical screw press market.

Motor and power control system. Rice Barton chrome steel 9″ dewatering screw press. This press consists of body, drive, flywheel, slide, operation, brake, lubrication, electric, foundation ,and so on. In addition, it’s potential to obtain much more energy with a lowered stroke, which does not always happen within the case of friction screw press.