The channel press normal disappointments and avoidance strategies

  The working exhibition of the channel press is still somewhat steady, its construction and working rule is basic, and the disappointment rate is additionally extremely low. Nonetheless, in the event that the disappointment isn’t typical activity because of inappropriate activity or different reasons, dominating a portion of the strategies for disposal to save upgrade time will significantly further develop creation effectiveness.

Shortcoming Possible reasons for disappointment Corresponding end techniques
1, channel plate harm A, feed opening blockage A, the feed port close to a couple of bits of channel plate harm, can be at first decided as the feed port blockage brought about by the slurry focus is excessively huge, or cleaning isn’t ideal will cause the feed opening blockage, weaken the filtrate.
B. The feed pressure is too high B. At the point when there is back pressure, or the showcase of the strain measure surpasses the tension indicated in the nameplate. Demonstrates high feed pressure, arrangement: change the strain regulator framework at the feed end
C. The material fixation is high and the smoothness is excessively helpless C. Lessen the material fixation suitably and work on the smoothness of the material
D, the feed temperature is too high D, first comprehend the temperature of the material, when the temperature of the sifting material surpasses the utilization of the channel plate temperature, to disclose the motivations to the client, and trade the fitting channel plate or take the temperature of the slurry cooling before filtration
E. The channel material is harmed and the fluid outlet opening is obstructed. E. Assuming that the filtrate is overcast in a couple of individual water spouts, the channel fabric can be decided to be harmed and the water spout doesn’t stream fluid, the fluid outlet opening can be decided to be impeded. The channel material ought to be supplanted and the fluid outlet opening ought to be cleaned to guarantee that the filtrate streams out typically and neatly.
2, filtrate indistinct A, channel fabric broken A, notice the level of turbidity of the filtrate outpouring, for example, by individual water spout filtrate turbidity, can be decided here channel material harm, check and dissect the reason for harm to the channel material, in the event that it is brought about by ill-advised use, ought to present the right utilization of the client, and supplant the channel material.
B. Ill-advised choice of channel material B. Take the channel media back to the organization for research facility tests and select the suitable channel material, or supplant it with the right channel fabric type given by the client.
C. Deficient insurance at the bay C. Fluid spillage at the bay can be decided as insufficient assurance at the delta, really take a look at the bay spine, gasket and association. In the event that there is harm, supplant the relating parts, tidy up and add gasket and fix the delta port.
D. The channel fabric opening is excessively huge D. Supplant the channel fabric
E. Open lines at the sewing of the channel material E. Remove the channel material and once again fasten it, and disclose to the client the safeguards for use.
Note: At the start of filtration, the feed valve ought to be opened gradually, and the filtrate is regularly turbid from the beginning, then, at that point, it turns clear, which is an ordinary peculiarity.
3、Running material between channel plates A、Insufficient pressure A、Running material between channel plates can be at first decided as lacking tension, the strain is for the most part 8~10 Mpa for elastic channel plates; 15~20 Mpa for plastic channel plates; 20~25 Mpa for cast iron channel plates, when the tension is deficient, increment the strain gradually, however not more than the evaluated pressure. Under the state of guaranteeing no material spillage, decreasing the squeezing power can broaden the assistance life of the channel press. Start the squeezing button, the engine turns in the clockwise heading, driving the oil siphon to work, to the squeezing channel plate, change the high strain help valve clockwise, and notice the tension of the electric point pressure measure, so that its strain is acclimated to the above use range.
B, contaminations on the fixing surface of the channel plate B, clean the fixing surface of flotsam and jetsam, should guarantee that there is no trash between the channel plate before each squeezing
C. The channel fabric is collapsed and lopsided C. The channel fabric which is tossed unevenly will cause the channel plate to be squeezed ineffectively.
D. The feed pressure is excessively enormous D. The feed pressure is excessively huge and there will be various levels of backpressure, so it should be controlled under the evaluated pressure.
E. The feed siphon stream is too huge E. Change the feed siphon valve, introduce the return line and open the bring valve back.
F. The channel plate course of action isn’t slick F. The most extreme misalignment filter press troubleshooting of the channel plate plan isn’t more than 5mm, any other way it will release fluid and the channel plate ought to be organized flawlessly.
4、No progress ahead or in reverse A、Insufficient oil level A、When the oil level can’t be shown by the oil marker, it implies that it ought to be loaded up with oil to guarantee typical activity of the siphon station.
B, high strain or low tension help valve stuck or harmed B, destroy and clean, in the event that actually would not work be able to appropriately might be the point at which the alleviation valve is harmed, to supplant.
C, cylinder siphon harm C, the oil circuit isn’t smooth or would not supply be able to oil, can be decided as a cylinder siphon harm, cleaning, actually can not work as expected then to supplant.
D, engine guiding isn’t right D, see whether the engine fan is turned clockwise, in any case the engine is decided to be associated with the converse, any two lines at the engine bay end can be exchanged.
E, electromagnetic turning around valve no activity E, clean the switching valve or supplant.
5, after the tension would not stop A, electric contact be able to pressure table change esteem is excessively high A, utilization a screwdriver to change the electric contact pressure table on the change screw, as far as possible worth is changed down.
B, electric contact pressure table awful B, when the tension table pointer swing isn’t touchy or pointer can not get back to zero ought to be supplanted when the strain table.
C, the help valve is changed excessively low C, utilize a screwdriver to change the change screw on the electric contact pressure check, as far as possible worth to 5 Mpa.
6、No tension holding A, pressure-holding pipeline spillage A, see whether the pipeline is harmed, supplant the pipeline in like manner or fix the association nut.
B. Pressure-holding valve is stuck or harmed B. Clean the strain holding valve and supplant it in the event that it actually doesn’t work.
C、Safety valve is stuck or breaking down C、Clean the security valve, actually can not attempt to supplant.
D、Severe wear of the chamber seal D、Disassemble the seal part, check the harmed piece of the seal and the chamber’s scratch, knock, etc exhaustively. Assuming the chamber is marginally worn, accessible metallurgical sandpaper or oil stone fix, and supplant the seal ring.
E, check valve harm E, substitution
7, creep A, oil level isn’t sufficient A, notice the oil level of the oil level meter, ought to refuel more than 2/3 of the oil level meter.
B, there is air in the chamber isn’t released B, unscrew the chamber bleeder valve, let out the air in the chamber.
C、The chamber and cylinder fit too close C、Use for a while
D、Hydraulic oil focus is huge D、Use 32#~46# enemy of wear water powered oil
8、The primary bar is bowed A、The establishment at the seat end is harsh and not free enough A、The right establishment technique is that the establishment at the chamber seat end isn’t fixed, the push plate end is fixed and the establishment ought to be level.
B. Lopsided plan of the channel plate B. Lopsided plan of the channel plate will cause the power of the pressure plate to go amiss aside when squeezing, accordingly bowing the primary bar on top. In such a case, change the channel plate plan to be flawless.
C. The surface pollutions of the channel plate are not cleaned.
D. The contact between the legs and the ground isn’t strong. D. See whether the legs are lifted when compacting, and add a pad plate under the legs when they are lifted.
E. The establishment isn’t level E. Observe the establishment level, relax the pillar bolts and change the shaft so the inclining length distinction is inside 0.05%, fix the bar bolts and press once more.
9、The channel plate is lifted upwards A、The establishment isn’t level A、Rework the establishment to guarantee that it is level.
B. Debasements on the outer layer of the channel plate B. Clear the debasements on the outer layer of the channel plate before each squeezing.
C. Cylinder pole top avoidance C. At the point when the round curved R of the cylinder pole is more prominent than the sunken R of the circular cushion, fix the round surface so it is more modest than the inward R of the circular cushion. change the inclining of the bar inside 0.05%. The strain plate rib isn’t welded at the middle, it ought to be chopped down and once again focused and welded.
10、Insufficient oil pressure A、Insufficient oil level A、Add 32#~46# enemy of wear water driven oil more than 2/3 of the oil level meter
B, oil thickness is excessively huge or oil temperature is too low B, supplant the oil with lower consistency or hotness the oil tank.
C, inappropriately changed or harmed help valve C, high tension alleviation valve is changed excessively low, so the strain can not ascent to the necessary strain, turn the valve of the great strain alleviation valve to change the tension up to 25 Mpa can be.
D, valve spillage D, the help valve is accurately changed, however the tension actually can not go up, might be the point at which the valve spillage, supplant the alleviation valve.
E, chamber seal ring wear E, supplant the seal ring
F, solenoid valve turning around not set up F, fix or supplant
G, oil pipe, joint, pipeline spillage or seal ring harm G, utilize clean oil on the attractions channel at each joint to really take a look at whether the air spillage.
H、Serious wear of unclogger of unclogger siphon H、Replace unclogger siphon

 The above are the common faults of the plate and frame filter press, once you are familiar with the operation is not normal, it is easy to find out the cause by careful inspection, and the maintenance method is also relatively simple. If you encounter other problems in the use, you can call Quanzhou Decoda Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. specialises in the production of permeable brick machines, construction waste treatment equipment, filter presses and some other latest environmental protection equipment.