Intelligent manufacturing of complex automotive steering knuckle parts

An ordinary car has as many as 20,000 independent best steering knuckle parts. From the car body frame and box structure to the nuts and pins, the quality of each component directly affects the reliability of the car.

In this issue, let us use several typical solutions for steering gears, pulleys, and steering knuckles to unlock Hexagon’s complete solution capabilities throughout design engineering, manufacturing, and measurement and testing, and to understand auto parts from multi-body dynamics simulation to Intelligent manufacturing road for complex shape detection.

One-click inspection solution: parts with complex shapes

In view of the large size of the complex parts of the automobile and the difficulty of programming, Hexagon provides a series of special software measurement modules, which can complete the one-click measurement of the parts. At the same time, the inspection interface and inspection report can be customized to provide reliable guarantee for the processing of complex parts.

Typical solution: full-size intelligent detection of steering gear

Applicable parts: steering screw, steering nut, rocker arm

Testing items: steering screw: rolling shape, lead change, etc.; steering nut: rolling shape, lead change, rack parameters, etc.; rocker arm: involute profile, etc.

As a common type of steering gear, the recirculating ball steering gear has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, light and comfortable operation. The automotive steering solution introduced by Hexagon utilizes unique ultra-high-speed four-axis linkage and 3D self-centering scanning technology to achieve full-size one-button measurement of steering screws, steering nuts and rocker arms of various specifications. The parametric inspection interface, fully encapsulated software programming, industry-leading professional algorithms and customized graphic reports provide a more reliable quality basis for the processing and correction of steering gear components.