Five mistakes in triceps training

What are the five common mistakes in the exercise of triceps brachii?

1、 Unreasonable training sequence

In fact, the exercise effect of many sports has certain relationship with the order of exercise. It is best to exercise triceps brachii muscle by combining training when the body is full of strength, and then the action of isolated training, otherwise, it will body solid kettlebells cause the exercise to fail to play its best effect, of course, the order is also different from person to person, and we can adjust it according to their actual situation.

2、 Too dependent on machine and cable

In the process of fitness, many people will rely too much on some fitness and depending on some different locking arm flexion and extension actions, but these two training for triceps brachii is almost no effect, the focus is to train the lateral head of triceps brachii, so we should reduce the dependence on both.

3、 Over training

In training, many people will have a mentality of being eager to achieve, so that they will increase the training amount regardless of their actual situation, so as to cause excessive training, which will bring some damage to their body and muscles. It is that triceps brachii has no time to get full and effective rest, but it is not conducive to the development of muscles.

4、 Action is not standardized

Many sports need to have the standard action to give full play to its beneficial effect on the human body. If the exercise of triceps brachii is not very normal, the training load will be transferred to other places, such as shoulders, which will greatly discount the training effect, and also the body is in a state of fatigue.

5、 No overall stimulation of triceps brachii

Triceps brachii has long head, inner head and outer head, which usually contracts and exerts force at the same time during exercise. Many people do not master the stimulation and effect of three different head on muscle during exercise, and they will often focus on mistakes, which is very unfavorable for the exercise of triceps brachii.